100g Silicone Sealing Gel Lubricant


100g Tube Silicone Sealing Gel Lubricant

Formulated for shrinkwrapping machinery - Harmless if ingested ok in food enviroments if used correctly

Used to lubricate the sealing blade and infiils of many chamber machines

This helps stop the film sticking to the blade, allows free movement of the blade during impulse sealing as the blade expands when impulses

Prolongs life of blade and infills

Should be applied daily with soft wire brush which also cleans the sealing system 

NOW 100g Instead Of 50g But Not Double The Price

GP00008 Silicone Gel, has no effect on plastics, rubbers or metals, it remains essentially unaltered in daylight & UV light and at temperatures between -50oC and + 280oC.
GP00008 Silicone Gel is tasteless, odourless and non-toxic and is classed as an Environmentally/ User Friendly Product.
Appearance:                                                          Grey/Translucent.
Specific Gravity:                                                    1.04.
Unworked Penetration:                                          260.
Recommended Temperature Range:                      -50oC to 280oC.
Flash Point:                                                            300oC.
                Weight Loss:                                                         1.2% (24hr. at 150oC).
                Dielectric Strength:                                                approx. 20kv/mm.


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